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GiveCarousel is a nonprofit extension of Carousel, a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to delivering accessible and data-driven social emotional learning (SEL) content to all. 

We enhance the Carousel mission by developing a comprehensive database of SEL content, student engagement metrics, and other measurable results to create the most impactful programs.

We believe SEL unlocks students' full potential, so GiveCarousel and help shape the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders.


We focus on three key deliverables


Cost is no Barrier

First, we ensure free access to SEL for the most economically underserved communities.

By increasing access, we also increase representation in data and outcomes.


Real-Time Data

Then, we compile, centralize and analyze global SEL data.

For the first time, student engagement metrics and other measurable results will be captured in real time and over time.


Better Outcomes

Finally, we contextualize data and outcomes to maximize SEL impact.

By developing a comprehensive SEL database, we can create  the most impactful programs and unlock students' full potential.


We believe empathy and success are not mutually exclusive, and they are both needed to overcome challenging times. As pandemics and polarized politics create physical and philosophical divides, it's never been more important to develop a new generation of leaders.

We know social-emotional learning (SEL) is a key ingredient to a more resilient, collaborative, and productive society. SEL helps students learn to manage their emotions, feel and show empathy for others, and set and achieve positive goals for their lives. Through regular SEL practice, the next generation will be more skilled in developing meaningful connections, finding common ground, and solving critical problems together.

Barriers to success

SEL education lacks strong data that can link learning interventions to specific outcomes. Plus, current SEL offerings have low engagement and relevancy, high cost per student, and leave underrepresented populations without adequate solutions.

Our Solution

In partnership with academics, Givecarousel uses Carousel’s diverse datasets for good, aggregating and analyzing SEL activity in real time and over time to improve SEL products (like Carousel), content, delivery, and comparative outcomes.

Through Carousel technology and Givecarousel activities, we are uniquely positioned to:


SEL for all

Our Mission

GiveCarousel is a data-driven nonprofit dedicated to analyzing SEL practice and measuring outcomes, in real-time and over time so that all students can develop the skill sets required to achieve positive outcomes and key milestones, in the classroom and in life.   

Our parent company, Carousel, is a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to revolutionize engagement, access, and delivery of SEL and character development content to anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

At the core of our operations is our shared social mission, which includes creating better futures for all kids, especially in underrepresented and underserved communities.

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